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Inspiration for Your Home Garden

Though you are sure to find gardening inspiration throughout our botanical garden and arboretum, be sure to see:

The Zucker Shrub Collection

Located in the F.R. Newman Arboretum, the Zucker Shrub Collection was designed as a  “sampler” of flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, and low-maintenance perennials within a series of outdoor “rooms” to walk through for inspiration.

The Groundcover Collection

Groundcovers can provide an attractive and sustainable alternative to high-maintenance lawns. The groundcover collection includes a wide range of plants that make ideal groundcovers for either shady, sunny, or sloped areas.

 The Clement Gray Bowers Rhododendron Collection

Brightly-colored flowers clusters make rhododendrons very popular landscape plants which have long been hybridized for improved blooms, foliage, and hardiness. Over 100 different types of rhododendrons are displayed in the Bowers Rhododendron Collection on Comstock Knoll.

The Mullestein Winter Garden

If you are accustomed to long winters, visit the winter garden to find ways to incorporate interesting colors and textures into your winter landscape. There are over 700 plants, chosen for their interesting bark texture, bark color, unusual growth habits, winter fruit, cones, or evergreen foliage.