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Places to Picnic:

Lawn area in the Treman Woodland Walk and Zucker Shrub Collection

The open lawn in the "rooms" of the Zucker Shrub Collection or in front of the Treman Woodland Walk provide an ideal spot to put down your picnic blanket.

Nearing Summer House

Comstock Knoll

Located on the west side of Comstock Knoll, the Summer House provides shade and, depending on which direction you are facing, a view of Beebe Lake or our extensive collection of Rhododendrons and other perennials on the Knoll.

Photo by Richard Welch.

Park Park

The habitats of Park Park include meadow, shrub thicket, shady forest on a north-facing slope, and floodplain forest next to Fall Creek. Park Park is a short walk from the F. R. Newman Arboretum via the Morgan-Smith Trail.




Grossman and Houston Ponds

Within these ponds are water plants including cattails, water lilies, pickerel weed, yellow flag iris, and bald cypress. The ponds support a well-developed freshwater aquatic ecosystem, which includes reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish and crustaceans–making them great places for pond study.

Bottom of the Newman Arboretum bowl
Best Season: 

Year Round

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