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Fun spots

Fun spots for the whole family:

Sod sofa next to Grossman Pond

Located between Houston and Grossman Ponds, this "built in" sofa is a great place to rest, have a picnic, or just enjoy a unique view of the Arboretum.

Sundial and stone stile in the Herb Garden

Sundial in the Robison York State Herb GardenTell time using the  sundial in the center of the garden (photo by Pam Shade).


Tucked in the southeastern corner, you will find a stone stile, a fun way to access the Flower Garden.

Bell at Newman Overlook

Newman Overlook

Ring the bell at Newman Overlook in the F. R. Newman Arboretum.

The boardwalk over Houston Pond

Watch wildlife from the boardwalk over Houston Pond.  Look for fish, frogs, snakes, and many insects, including dragonflies.

Sculpture Garden

The sculptures were produced in the 1960s by Cornell undergraduate architecture students. Under the guidance of professor Jack Squier, these students learned first-hand about sculpture, design, and carpentry. They volunteered their own time and money toward the project, and participated in every aspect of the planning and construction of the sculptures. The sculptures were erected before the arboretum existed, and the location was very secluded and isolated from the main campus at the time.

F. R. Newman Arboretum, across the road from the ponds
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