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Winter Interest

View plants with winter interest:

Zucker Shrub Collection

Zucker Shrub GardenThis specialty garden consists of curved island beds planted with a diverse selection of flowering shrubs, ornamental grasses, and low-maintenance perennials. The shrubs in this garden are selected for their flowers, fruit, fall color, and winter interest.


F.R. Newman Arboretum, North Entrance
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Mullestein Winter Garden

This one-acre garden contains over 700 plants chosen for their interesting bark texture, bark color, unusual growth habits, winter fruit, cones, or evergreen foliage. These qualities provide color and interest during Ithaca’s long winters, making the winter garden a year-round destination for visitors.

Botanic Garden
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Kienzle Overlook

Located just off a busy campus road, this site features panoramic views of Cornell Botanic Gardens’ 11 theme gardens. The planting features dwarf conifers, both on the site and within the stone-enclosed raised beds. It is one of several sites scattered around Cornell Botanic Gardens that make up our conifer collection.

Adjacent to Tower Road, across from Cornell’s Dairy Bar
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