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Sites Eligible for DMAP tags (continued)

Sites identified with a (#) will have free DEC Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) tags for eligible hunters, by request to Cornell Botanic Gardens.  These tags are intented to help us meet our deer management program goals of reducing the doe population.  Hunters are expected to use purchased tags before requesting a DMAP tag.  Priority will be given to hunters who have harvested deer in preceeding years. DMAP tag recipients must now report harvest data directly to Cornell Botanic Gardens.  This information includes site name, sex, age, date taken,tag number, hunter name, and back tag number.  DMAP tags are to be used only at the assigned site, valid for antlerless deer only, limited to two tags per hunter per year, and must not be sold or transferred. To request a DMAP tag, visit Cornell Botanic Gardens' Contact Information webpage.