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Take Route 13 out to Dryden.  At the traffic light at the center of town, turn right onto Route 38.  Proceed about 3.6 miles and turn left onto Purvis Road.  Purvis Road is short; only 2/3 mile long.  Just before it ends at Lake Road, at 0.6 mile, the entrance to the bog is on your left.  Look for a path running north between the tall vegetation along the edge of the bog and a white pine plantation.  Follow this path and look to the left for a trail and boardwalk leading out onto the bog.

To reach the trail through the swamp, turn right on Lake Road, proceed about 0.1 mile and look to the left for a parking area.  Park here and walk down the recreational trail.  The property begins about 700 feet (213 meters) down the trail.  From here, the property extends on both sides of the trail for about 1675 feet (510 m).