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Head out of Ithaca on Route 79 east.  About 2.4 miles past the Pine Tree Road intersection, turn right onto Brooktondale Road. About 2.6 miles from Route 79, just before leaving Brooktondale, turn right onto White Church Road (Lounsberry Road is on the left).  Travel White Church Road about 3.7 miles and the preserve will be on your left, forested and sloping uphill.  You should be able to park along the road, on either side, if you pick your spot carefully. If you reach a light tan, small house very close to the road on the right, you have gone just a little too far.
Walk straight uphill.  Unfortunately, it’s long and steep, and gets steeper as you walk, for awhile at least.  When you reach the top, there are informal paths along the top edge of the steep slope. Enjoy the views.