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Caroline Pinnacles

This is one of two very-steeply-sloping hillsides in the White Church valley with a west-southwest-facing aspect and many rock outcrops, especially near the top.  Collectively these two hillsides are called the Caroline Pinnacles, at least on labels of older specimens in the University’s herbaria and museums.  The stature of the oak forests is dwarfed by exposure and moisture limitation, again, especially near the top.  The forests on the upper slopes, dominated by chestnut oak (Quercus montana) red oak (Q. rubra) and black oak (Q. velutina), are quite open, and a walk along the top of the steep slope offers great views across the valley.  The Finger Lakes Trail used to feature these views, but was re-routed in the mid-1970s, and no longer takes you here.  These open forests have lots of interesting shrubby and herbaceous plants.

View map of Caroline Pinnacles.