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Natural Heritage


The thicket is dominated by thorny shrubs and small trees. It has an understory of grasses and forbs. Hawthorns (Crataegus) and European buckthorn are the dominant species, but alder-leaved buckthorn, honeysuckles, multiflora rose, and privets are also abundant. Scattered trees, including box elder, white ash, bird cherry (Prunus avium), white pine, bitternut hickory, and red oak are emerging through the canopy of tall shrubs. The herb layer has a weedy component and includes moneywort (Lysimachia nummularia), willow-herb (Epilobium coloratum), forget-me-not (Myosotis scorpioides), grasses (Poa), and self-heal.

A small meadow west of the recreation way has been mowed regularly and is dominated by hay grasses (Phleum pratense and Festuca elatior). Forbs include white bedstraw (Galium mollugo), tall buttercup (Ranunculus acris), self-heal, wild carrot (Daucus carota), field garlic (Allium vineale), plantains (Plantago), chickory (Cichorium intybus), and dandelion (Taraxacum officinale).