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Volunteer Monitoring

Cornell Botanic Gardens, volunteers, and local conservation partners including the Finger Lakes Land Trust, Finger Lakes Native Plant Society, and the Cayuga Trail Club completed an unprecedented monitoring campaign since 2009 to detect and report new populations of hemlock woolly adelgid. 

Monitoring Events

Visit our Natural Areas Academy page to find the next training for hemlock woolly adelgid detection and reporting.

We encourage all interested in volunteering to join the hemlock woolly adelgid E-List-Serv. Here, volunteer coordinators and volunteers can arrange and coordinate monitoring events, and share details on locations, dates, and times. Volunteers may also contact Cornell Botanic Gardens' Natural Areas Program directly to sign up.

Reporting Survey Results

It is imperative that all survey results are reported, including areas where no hemlock woolly adelgids are found. 

Be sure to record the amount of time spent conducting the survey and keep track of the locations/area surveyed. Please post all results here.

Priority Hemlock Forest Survey Sites

Cornell Botanic Gardens has mapped the hemlock forests surrounding known hemlock woolly adelgid locations in our area, and prioritized locations for detection monitoring. Through a network of recently-trained volunteers, our goal is to survey area hemlock forests areas and report all findings, positive and negative, annually.