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Beebe Lake and Woods

This Natural Area is an active floodplain of Fall Creek. It has a long history of human disturbance, but also still retains natural features. Like many floodplains in the area, it has rich soils. It has been known historically for its high diversity of native and naturalized plants, abundant wildflowers and rare species. After it was designated as a garden, some native plant species were reintroduced or added to the site.

Take a virtual tour of the Beebe Lake Trail using Google Street View:

Click here for a view of Beebe Lake from Sackett Bridge.

Click here for a view of Beebe Lake and Sackett Bridge from the lower trail.

Take a self-guided tour of Beebe Lake using the "Pocketsights" App:

Explore the natural and cultural history of Beebe Lake with a Google-driven map that provides images and information at various points of interest. Search for "Pocketsights Tour Guide" in the App Store or Google Play Store.