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Wood art gives new life to fallen trees

1 year 45 weeks ago
"What lies beneath," wood art by Lisa M. Narloch, is on display at the Nevin Welcome Center.

Lisa M. Narloch’s recent work includes a variety of local woods from her own property and around Central New York. Drawn to the imperfect, unusual, weathered and broken, her unique, natural art embraces the idea of giving a new life to a fallen tree and showing us “what lies beneath.” 

Meet the artists at an opening reception on Wednesday, March 22 from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

She has recently created some pieces from wood from a big leaf magnolia and northern catalpa she received from the arborists at Cornell Botanic Gardens, which will be on display.

Lisa is very careful to determine the state of each tree before it is gifted to her. Most of them have storm, rot or ant damage, and are already down. Some trees needed to be removed to expand a road, or were too close to buildings. She also uses 100% food grade hemp or walnut oils and beeswax (a gift from a local beekeeper) for natural finishes for the majority of her work.

This exhibit will be on display until the end of August, 2017.

This project is made possible, in part, with the funding from The Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County. CAP Brings Creativity to Life!