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LECTURE: A Bird's Eye View of Nature in the City, and the Surprising Ways we Affect Ecological Communities

19 weeks 6 days ago
Amanda D. Rodewald, Garvin Professor of Ornithology and Director of Conservation Science, Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University

Safeguarding ecosystem services, biodiversity, and human well-being on an urbanizing planet requires that we understand how we influence ecological communities. Because birds are relatively easy to observe, sensitive to environmental conditions, and charismatic, they provide a useful lens to study factors that shape urban systems. Join Amanda Rodewald for a discussion of the ecological consequences of three common attributes of residential areas – invasive plants, abundant predators, and a rich assortment of human-provided foods.  A growing body of research shows the surprising ways these attributes can alter interactions between breeding birds and plants, change the nature of predator-prey relationships, and drive natural selection on plumage coloration. We will explore the implications of these findings for conserving biodiversity within urban landscapes and gardens. 

Elizabeth E. Rowley Lecture
Date/time: Wednesday, October 10; 7:30 p.m.
Cost: Free and open to the public
Location: Statler Hall Auditorium, Cornell University