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Images of glaciers by Gary Braasch on display

2 years 51 weeks ago
Powerful images of glaciers by photojournalist Gary Braasch are on display in the Nevin Welcome Center through October. Mr. Braasch has traveled from the polar regions to the Himalayas and the Great Barrier Reef following scientists at work and witnessing the effects of global warming. His work, which has appeared in Time, Life, and National Geographic, presents the human connection, making the science relevant to our lives.

This exhibit is part of a series of events at Cornell University from September 30 to October 2 including a lecture at the Statler Auditorium on Wednesday, September 30 and selections from the exhibition “World View of Global Warming” at Cornell’s Mann Library. He will lecture on “Villages on the Verge,” Friday, October 2 as part of the Department of Development Sociology seminar series. Mr. Braasch will also interact with students, faculty, and community members both on and off campus during his visit.