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Verdant Views

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Verdant Views Issue 5: Summer/Fall 2013

Further Reading

Garden to Table Series (page 5)
More recipes from the cooking classes

A Favorite of Billy Kepner—Morgan-Smith Trail (page 6)
Trail information, more about Fall Creek Valley South, and our Take It Outside page, a way to explore Ithaca’s running/hiking, biking, and swimming spots

Town of Ithaca Awards Natural Areas Program (page 7)
Tree-planting party video with James Hamilton and Todd Bittner

Poetry Audio Tour (page 9)
Hear Carl Phillips read his poem, “Civilization,” which was paired with black cohosh (Caulophyllum thalictroides) in the audio tour.

Behind the Scenes of Nature’s The Private Life of Deer (page 15)
A guide to deer defenses from Cornell’s Department of Horticulture, including Dr. Bridgen's List of Plants that Deer Do Not Like to Eat.

We Speak for the Trees (page 21)
Listen to audio tours for each of the arboretum’s collections.

Environmental Education Program Grows Teen Ambassadors—PEEPS (page 26)
Read all about PEEPS and how to apply.

Verdant Views Issue 4: Fall 2012

Verdant Views Issue 3: Winter/Spring 2012


Verdant Views Issue 2: Spring/Summer 2011


Verdant Views Issue 1: Summer/Fall 2010