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Registration Information


  • Cost: The fee for guided activities is $5 per child per hour, with a minimum of 8 children. Full payment is due on arrival unless other arrangements have been made in advance.


  • Timeframe: Each activity lasts about an hour and may be scheduled for weekdays or weekends. Organizers should visit the site beforehand to make sure they know where group will meet, and should plan to supervise their groups throughout the activities.


  • Registration:  Pre-registration is required. Call the Youth Education Office (607-255-2407) or fill out the online form at least one month before the tour date to make arrangements for your group.


  • Cancellations: Tour organizers should plan to arrive promptly; latecomers can expect a shortened tour or even cancellation if conflicts in timing occur. Please call (607-255-2400) if you are running late. If you decide to cancel due to inclement weather, please call to let us know.


  • Scholarships: We offer a limited number of scholarships to cover the cost of the tours or transportation. Call 607-255-2407 for details.