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Erin McKeon

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Erin is studying the role of collaborative marketing groups at public gardens.


Hailing from Southeastern Pennsylvania, Erin has had the pleasure to grow up in the Public Garden Capitol of the US. Visits to local area gardens during formative years as a youth, instilled in her a strong interest in horticulture and plant/animal relationships. Erin earned a BS in Environmental Studies at the University of Vermont in 2007, with a focus on Ecological Design. Following her undergraduate experience, Erin worked at North Creek Nurseries, Inc., a commercial nursery specializing in herbaceous plants, grasses and ferns native to the Eastern US. Through her work she became active in the program planning committee for Millersville Native Plants in the Landscape Conference as well as volunteering at Longwood Gardens. In 2010 Erin began working as an intern with Chanticleer, a pleasure garden, both in the garden as well as in the administrative department. The Cornell Plantations MPS program will afford Erin the opportunity to marry strong horticultural study with leadership and management courses that compliments her desire to direct a garden some day.