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Trail closure on Beebe Lake

4 weeks 1 day ago

All lake side trails around Beebe Lake are closed until further notice, due to high risk ice flood and flash flood conditions. Closed sections include the trail between the Tripphammer Footbridge and Sackett’s Bridge on the north side, and the trail east of Toboggan Lodge on the south side of Beebe Lake. All closed trails are marked with barricades and closure notices.

Alum’s Legacy Gift will Support Student Experience in Wetlands Conservation

11 weeks 14 hours ago

After a lifetime spent as a wetland ecologist, Paul DuBowy '75 made a commitment for a gift to ensure that future Cornell students have the opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge and skills in wetland conservation. Read more

Donated treatments give campus ash tree protection a leg up

12 weeks 7 hours ago

Cornell Botanic Gardens made headway this fall in its efforts to manage emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive insect that decimates ash forests. Some 50 priority ash trees within campus natural areas were treated with pesticide injections  donated by Arborjet. Read more in a November 26 Cornell Chronicle article.

Gift Endows Horticulture Directorship at Cornell Botanic Gardens

12 weeks 7 hours ago

A bequest from Elizabeth Weaver, ’57, enhances recruitment, retention of exceptional horticulture director for Cornell’s living museum. Read more


Hope for Global Plant Diversity

12 weeks 8 hours ago

World plant conservation leaders, including our director Christopher Dunn, met this summmer to evaluate progress and plan for the next 10 years. Read more

New pedestrian signs connect campus

15 weeks 6 hours ago

Cornell Botanic Gardens recently installed wayfinding signs around Beebe Lake and the Nevin Welcome Center that will better connect these beautiful areas to main campus. Read more

Buy plants online selected by our horticulture staff

30 weeks 3 days ago

Visitors to Cornell Botanic Gardens who are inspired by the diverse, beautiful plants in our cultivated gardens, arboretum, and natural areas now have a way to bring those plants to their own gardens with ShrubBucket—an online plant distributor of high-quality perennials. Buy your plants here.

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