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Our Gardens

Kevin Moss

"I like the open spaces, but I also like the little nooks and crannies and places of discovery. There are little pockets of greenery that you really have to get down into in order to see, so there’s always a sense of discovering something new. "

— Kevin Moss, Community Outreach Coordinator

Jim Mack

"Plantations to me is trees and shrubs and flowers—sort of everything in one package in a very wide open, pristine space that will hopefully never be muddied up with a lot of buildings. It’s an oasis to students, faculty, staff."

— Jim Mack, Horticultural Supervisor

Jim Mack

"We have wide-open areas like the arboretum, but we also have finely-tuned gardens like the Dean’s Garden and Comstock Knoll. I really love the diversity."

— Jim Mack, Horticultural Supervisor

Irene Lekstusis

"The collections here are always evolving and growing. They represent everything that’s current and new in the world of horticulture."

— Irene Lekstutis, Landscape Designer

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