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Nancy Adams

"Plantations has a different pace than up on campus. It’s a pace that goes by the seasons, by the weather, by the day, and by what the plants need. It’s a pace that makes sense to me."

— Nancy Adams, Gardener, Groundcover Collection

Lee Ginenthal

"Plantations is one of Ithaca’s greatest treasures. It’s a place I bring friends and family when they’re visiting from out of town. It’s a place I’m proud to have in my community."

— Lee Ginenthal, Community Member, Collections and Design Committee

Kevin Moss

"It’s a place of healing and solace, and it’s a place where you can come to rejuvenate your spirit."

— Kevin Moss, Community Outreach Coordinator

Kevin Moss

"There’s nobody that comes here that goes away unhappy. Plantations is an experience of sheer beauty and peacefulness. "

— Kevin Moss, Community Outreach Coordinator

Jessica Blohm '08

"Plantations is a great place to de-stress, relax, learn about plants, and see some of what’s around Ithaca…beside books!"

— Jessica Blohm, MPS Fellow, Class of '08

Irene Lekstusis

"Plantations serves as a place where the integral role of plants in human existence is just celebrated in every possible way."

— Irene Lekstutis, Landscape Designer


"Plantations is the place where I can take my kids where they can run around, and not be subject to sensory overload, just beauty and things to consider."

— Samantha Glass

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