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Barbara & Robert Cotts

"It means a lot to a lot of people, this place."

— Barbara & Robert Cotts, Longtime Volunteers

Erin Finan '05

"Plantations has always been a very special place for me, a place to go and unwind at the end of the day, and just take in nature and beauty."

— Erin Finan, Class of '05, Botanical Collections Intern 2004

John Manion '07

"I had the chance to look at gardens all over Scotland and England for four months. When I returned, I realized I hadn’t seen any garden as well tended as Cornell Plantations. It was stunning."

— John Manion, MPS Fellow Class of '07

Pam Shade

"A sense of aesthetics runs throughout Plantations, with the elements of design and color and form. There’s a sense of living sculpture."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Pam Shade

"The sense of aesthetic at Plantations is similar to an art museum, but it’s outdoors and it works with the element of nature. So it’s much more dynamic than an art museum, because it’s constantly changing. The same plant in the Herb Garden changes somewhat every day."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Elizabeth Rowley

"Plantations offers people ways to see the beauty of a garden and the beauty of plants, and ways to learn how plants and people relate to each other."

— Elizabeth Rowley, Longtime Volunteer

Burton Huth

"Plantations is not competitive with itself or anything else. I find the beauty and the serenity so attractive."

— Burton Huth, Volunteer, Tour Guide

Burton Huth

"Plantations is the finest place in all of central New York for relaxation, but also for increasing one’s understanding of cultivated plants."

— Burton Huth, Volunteer, Tour Guide

Tim Fahey

"Plantations grows on you. It slowly seeps into your consciousness and I think probably most faculty, students, and staff don’t really even really know what it is, other than just this garden over here. But there’s a lot more to it than that."

— Tim Fahey, CU Faculty, Natural Areas Committee Chair, Advisory Board

Raylene Ludgate

"Plantations celebrates plants and people’s connections to plants in a very artistic way. But unlike a museum, it’s ever-changing."

— Raylene Ludgate, Youth Programs Coordinator

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