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Nancy Adams

"Plantations’ Herb Garden is, I think, second to none."

— Nancy Adams, Gardener, Groundcover Collection

Jessica Blohm '08

"I really like the Herb Garden. I think when people get to read a plant’s story, they do form a relationship with that plant—as opposed to simply remembering a Latin name."

Diane Miske

"The Herb Garden and the Young Garden are planted intensely and with lots of variety in a small area. There’s great impact and color throughout the season. Anytime you visit, there’s a lot going on."

— Diane Miske, Gardener, Herb and Young Garden

Nancy Adams

"The Groundcover Collection is a beautiful, quiet, contemplative, shady area."

— Nancy Adams, Gardener, Groundcover Collection

Glenn Bucien

"Some people walk through every day, which fortifies my belief that it’s a beautiful place. Nature is the predominant force here. "

— Glenn Bucien, Gardener, Pounder and Peony

Alison Reissman

"With all the different cultivars planted here, I can look at the whole range of them when I’m considering what to plant. The variety here is really just amazing."

— Alison Reissman, Volunteer, Greenhouse and Garden Crew

Anna Halverson '04

"Plantations is a really top notch botanical garden that is a hidden treasure on campus."

— Anna Halverson, MPS Fellow Class of '04

Ian Merwin

"I actually tell students all the time, “If you’re sick of just reading your book at Mann Library, take a walk and check out the rhodies on Comstock Knoll or the Herb Garden.”"

— Ian Merwin, Faculty in Horticulture, Collections and Design Committee

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