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Diane Miske

"Plants are featured in myth and religion and ritual as well as in gardens. In the Young Garden I’m looking at how plants are portrayed in art and how those portrayals reflect their symbolic meanings."

Glenn Bucien

"The Pounder Garden has enabled me to study the interactions of people and food, food crops, and how they travel around the world, and how important that is and the effects of it on history at different times"

— Glenn Bucien, Gardener, Pounder and Peony Garden

Kathy Howard

"We’re so removed in a lot of ways from agriculture. I think it’s just nice for people to actually see the plants that sustain human life, to see what corn, soybeans, and wheat actually look like."

— Kathy Howard, Faculty in Crop and Soil Science, International Crops Garden

Raylene Ludgate

"Many people of all different ethnic groups can relate to our International Crop and Weeds Garden, because we grow food from around the world. It’s so tangible, and an easy garden to interpret in a hands-on way with kids."

— Raylene Ludgate, Youth Programs Coordinator

Debbie Lada '05

"The herb garden is just full of smells and colors and richness. By the end of summer, it’s in full glory. All the plants are filled out and it’s literally bursting with life. "

— Debbie Lada, Class of '05, Botanical Collections Intern 2004

Pam Shade

"This sense of separateness, combined with the fragrant plants, makes the Herb Garden feel like a sanctuary, especially in the early morning."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Pam Shade

"With herbs, we flavor foods, brew teas, wear and breathe their fragrances, heal our illnesses and injuries, and calm our minds. We absorb their essence into our beings. This kind of intimate connection with plants is really special."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Pam Shade

"The Herb Garden has a beautiful design; the stone walls on the north and south, and the split rail fence on the east and west give it the sense of a cloister. And it’s very symmetrical, which is a classic design for a garden. So it gives you a sense of antiquity."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Pam Shade

"Visitors to the Herb Garden enjoy seeing things they’re familiar with right away, especially the culinary herbs."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

Nancy Adams

"Plantations’ Herb Garden is, I think, second to none."

— Nancy Adams, Gardener, Groundcover Collection

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