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Nancy Adams

"You can eat your lunch here, you can paint a beautiful picture, you can have a wedding... It’s a great place to come."

— Nancy Adams, Gardener, Groundcover Collection

Miriam Pinsker '08

"There’s something at Plantations for every person or any occasion, no matter how small or how large an amount of time you have to spend here."

— Miriam Pinsker, MPS Fellow, Class of '08, Education Intern 2004

Miriam Pinsker '08

"I feel like there are always new things to explore here. Every time you go, it’s a new experience."

— Miriam Pinsker '08, MPS Fellow, Class of '08, Education Intern 2003

Lee Ginenthal

"I’ve taken my kids to Plantations from the time they were little…my son’s now working as a forester in Prospect Park!"

— Lee Ginenthal, Community Member, Collections and Design Committee

Jim Mack

"It’s pretty rare to find botanical gardens and arboreta that are directly associated with a major college campus. So it really is sort of an unexpected treat, I think, for new students and visitors alike."

— Jim Mack, Horticultural Supervisor

Kathryn Woods

"With the programs and the gardens, there’s a lot of activity here. Plantations attracts a lot of visitors to Cornell and it’s just a really important part of Cornell."

— Kathryn Woods, Longtime Plantations Employee

Irene Lekstusis

"Plantations is a place for inspiration--horticulturally, personally, and spiritually. It’s a wonderful place to visit and just appreciate some of the really important things."

— Ian Merwin, Faculty in Horticulture, Collections and Design Committee

Ian Merwin

"To me, it’s absolutely essential to have that access to plants and nature. I couldn’t live anywhere where I couldn’t have it."

— Ian Merwin, Faculty in Horticulture, Collections and Design Committee

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