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Glenn Bucien

"I hope people appreciate this gem that is Plantations. It’s free, it’s beautiful, and it really is very impressive."

— Glenn Bucien, Gardener, Pounder and Peony

Keelin Purcell '07

"Most public gardens I’ve been to feel a lot harder to connect with. They’re often in urban areas and constricted by walls and gates. Plantations is very open, both in terms of the free entrance and the layout."

— Keelin Purcell, Class of '07, Student Employee 2004-2007


"I will not miss a garden if there’s one to be seen! I enjoy looking at container combinations, seeing how professional gardeners combine and display plants and flowers, and getting ideas for my own garden."

— Nancy Godbehere, Visitor

Jerry Godbehere

"I remember very vividly bringing our son’s grandmother here when she was an octogenarian, and the joy we had in looking at the plants and flowers, thinking about education and the joy of learning about things in nature, and that fact that we need to stimulate multiple senses for optimal learning. Plantations just creates a wonderful atmosphere for the college campus, and a wonderful learning environment."

— Jerry Godbehere, Visitor

Debbie Lada '05

"Come to Plantations to see both unique and ordinary plants—all celebrated and all loved. "

— Debbie Lada, Class of '05, Botanical Collections Intern 2004

Camille Doucet

"I always find my intellect is awakened when I visit Plantations. Besides just the pleasure of being in nature, I can find out so much about the natural world."

— Camille Doucet, Instructor for Botanical Illustration classes

Krissy Faust

"People can get a feel for what they can do in their own gardens that they probably never would have thought of if they hadn’t come here."

— Krissy Faust, Gardener, Wildflower Garden

Barbara & Robert Cotts

"If you meet people who don’t know about Plantations, it’s really great fun to tell them what a treat they have ahead of them."

— Barbara & Robert Cotts, Longtime Volunteers

John Manion '07

"There are so many different places you can visit, depending on what mood you’re in. If you want to see lots of flowers in bloom, you can go to the Herb Garden. But if you feel contemplative, there are also quiet, isolated areas."

— John Manion, MPS Fellow Class of '07

Pam Shade

"We have a variety of gardens—from herbs, to rhododendrons, to peonies, to heritage vegetables, to wildflowers. Plantations covers a broad spectrum of botanical interests, so there’s something for everybody."

— Pam Shade, Gardener, Herb Garden

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