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Danielle Hodgins '08

"I think a lot of internship programs are more like grunt work, but at Plantations it was more of a learning experience. They really wanted us to learn all about horticulture, and public gardening, and how Plantations works."

— Danielle Hodgins, Class of '08 Botanical Collections Intern in 2006

Ann Kelly '07

"I applied for the Wildflower Garden internship because it seemed that it would combine learning about plants with learning about natural areas and how to manage them. I wasn’t let down. The internship was definitely what I was looking for."

“This internship has helped me develop as a field biologist and as a general naturalist-skills I'll need both in my present job search and in my future graduate work.”

— Casey Taylor, 2004 Natural Areas Intern


“The botanical collections internship at Cornell Plantations is a definite asset to anyone interested in a field related to horticulture. As a student of landscape architecture, I learned about the materials I will be using for my designs in the future. Luckily, I have had the opportunity to learn from experts in the field of horticulture. This internship was a great way to prepare for my future.”

— Dan Evans, 2005 Botanical Collections Intern

Experiencing something new each week

"One afternoon I was learning how to climb trees like an arborist and the next day I was hunting for orchids in the natural areas."

— Tara Hamm, 2003 Botanical Collections Intern

Debbie Lada

“This internship is about more than just concrete skills, but talking with the staff, being inspired, looking up to good people doing good things.”

— Debbie Lada, 2004 Botanical Collections Intern

Sarah Perry

"The skills I learned this summer will be useful to me as I pursue my future career goals. Perhaps more importantly than any of the horticultural skills I learned, however, was meeting the great staff of Plantations. I have truly appreciated everyone’s kindness and willingness to share their knowledge. The staff is what has made my internship so meaningful.”

— Sarah Perry, 2005 Botanical Collections Intern

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