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Natural Areas Education

Classes, Events, and Lectures

Cornell Plantations offers a wide variety of classes and events within our natural areas, botanical garden and arboretum throughout out the year.

Visit our class registration portal for more information on upcoming events.

Additionally, our Fall Lecture Series brings to campus engaging speakers with a broad range of environmental interests for the enrichment of the Cornell and regional community. 

Natural Areas Academy

We have a new learning opportunity to foster the conservation of our natural areas. Through hands-on conservation projects and workshops within our 4000 acres of living classrooms, the Natural Areas Academy will offer an engaged educational experience. Learn more here.

Summer Internship Program

Cornell Plantations offers a summer internship program that aims to provide an educational and work experience through hands-on training that builds on classroom learning. The following three Natural Areas Internships are offered each summer:

Natural Areas Research

One position designed to provide experience in applied natural resource research and monitoring studies.Printable job description.

Natural Areas Management

One position designed to provide experience in preserve stewardship and management activites.  Printable job description.

Wildflower Garden

One position designed to provide experience in a broad range of native plant propagation and gardening skills. Printable job description.