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Carter Creek is about 14 miles southwest of Cornell.  Go across Ithaca and take Route 13 south.  When the highway divides, bear right to stay on Route 13 toward Elmira.  In about 7.5 miles, turn right onto Carter Creek Road.

To reach the western tract, continue on Carter Creek Road for about 0.7 mile.  The tract begins on the left side of the road about 0.72 mile or 3800 feet from the corner with Route 13.  The boundaries should be marked with Cornell Plantations Natural Areas signs.  The property boundary continues along the left side of Carter Creek Road for about 2280 feet or 0.43 mile.  Park on the roadside.

To reach the eastern (Natural Resources) tract, continue on Carter Creek Road 1.14 miles (from the corner with Route 13).  On the left is the northern boundary of the western tract, on the right, directly across the road, is a boundary between DEC State Forest land (yellow blazes) and a private tract blazed in green.  This boundary proceeds due east.  Follow it for 2900 feet, or until the yellow blazes end, and you will be at the west side of the Natural Resources tract.