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"Sketching in the Greenhouse" starts January 29

3 weeks 6 hours ago

While it’s cold and wintry outside, our greenhouses full of plants are nice and warm and the perfect place for artistic inspiration! Read more


Explore Cornell Botanic Gardens with

3 weeks 7 hours ago

Looking for trails to cross-country ski this winter? Want to find those ideal for wildlife watching?  Search for trails throughout Tompkins County by desired activity, trail length and difficulty as well as who "stewards" the trail. Click here to explore the site.

Cornell Botanic Gardens ranked one of the 50 most stunning university gardens and arboretums worldwide

3 weeks 7 hours ago ranked Cornell Botanic Gardens 22 out of 50 most stunning university gardens and arboretums.  Read more

You can now shop online for Garden Gift Shop merchandise

7 weeks 1 day ago

A selection of merchandise sold at our Garden Gift Shop in the Nevin Welcome Center is now available through The Cornell Store's online store. You can shop for some of our most popular items including "Magic Tees," mugs, magnets, guidebooks and more! Click here to browse the online store.

Board approves Cornell Botanic Gardens naming!

12 weeks 4 days ago

Cornell Botanic Gardens was officially approved Oct. 28 by the Cornell University Board of Trustees, the final step in a broad rebranding effort begun more than two years ago. Read more

Explore Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) agricultural knowledge and traditions in the exhibit "Ah-Theuh-Nyeh-Hah: The Planting Moon"

14 weeks 1 day ago

This exhibit celebrates the 100-year relationship between Cornell and Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) communities, which are reclaiming traditional agricultural practices as a central way of life today.  Read more

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