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Program Elements

The goal of the PEEPS program is to engage teens in a participation-based program which will raise ecological awareness and understanding and teach skills that will cultivate an environmental ethic for future actions.

To accomplish this, all participants will:

  • Work with Cornell Plantations staff and other professionals to design, build and maintain a sustainable backyard demonstration garden.

  • Develop environmental appreciation and awareness through weekly hikes, discussions, and exploring local environmental issues.

  • Build a valuable set of skills in horticulture, environmental advocacy, team building, systems planning, and leadership.

  • Work with other local organizations as well as Cornell students, staff and faculty.

Tier Program

Time is set aside each week for participants to break out into tier groups and focus on building skills in each tier’s concentration area.  A participant’s tier is determined by the grade they will be entering in the fall of that year.

Tier 1 (9th grade): Green Partners
Concentration: Assist with Children’s programs
Award: $75

Tier 2 (10th grade): Garden Apprentices
Concentration: Work side by side with Plantations’ gardeners
Award: $300

Tier 3 (11th grade): Environmental Ambassadors
Concentration: Interpret the PEEPS program, environmental issues and plant-related topics for Plantations’ and community audiences.
Award: $400

Program Contact

Donna Levy at (607) 254-7259 or at