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New and Trendy Plants for Today’s Gardens

William J. Hamilton Lecture
09/11/2013 - 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Statler Hall Auditorium, Cornell University
Bill Hendricks, President Klyn Nurseries
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How we landscape and use plants has evolved over the years.  The days of landscapes with formal rows of Taxus are gone and have evolved to include a wide range of deciduous shrubs as well as perennials and grasses. Gardens evolve over the years.  As plants grow larger, a sunny garden may turn into a partially shaded or shady garden. You may have a focus on inviting birds and butterflies into your garden by choosing plants for food or nesting and at the same time discourage deer from devouring your garden. We may also  be influenced by the newest trends: many plants that were popular during the Victorian Era  have returned in popularity featuring new cultivars. Join Bill Hendricks, President of Klyn Nurseries, for a peek at tried and true plants as well as some of the newer selections that are available today.  Whether you are looking for a showy ornamental, have an interest in natives or a plant to  fit into a particular part of the garden such as shade, there will be something for you.