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Online Application

If you are applying for more than one internship, please submit a separate application for each one.

All positions pay $11 per hour, 39 hours per week, typically Monday - Friday.


First and last name.

Street name, apartment number, city, state and zip code.

List your major and/or concentration.

Please list the name or a brief description of your degree, and when (if applicable) you anticipate it to be completed.

(Must be a currently enrolled or accepted Cornell University student. Students graduating in May ARE eligible to apply.)

- Time off requests can often be granted if you ask
your supervisor far enough in advance.
- We prefer that you do not miss the last week.
- The first two days are MANDATORY for orientation.

Please indicate the number of years/months.

Reference 1

Provide the names and contact information of 2 people who can readily serve as references for you. Be sure these people know you have listed them as references.

Reference 2